Free yourself from the EHR with virtual scribe services

NextGen Virtual Live Scribe offers a new way to give providers the support of a professional scribe—with more convenience and often at less cost. Get all the benefits of a live scribe in the exam room with none of the hassles.

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Experience the benefits of Virtual Live Scribe
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Freedom from the EHR
Reduce charting time to virtually zero. Experience almost complete freedom from the EHR and eliminate after-hours charting.
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Improve physician satisfaction
Eliminate the pressure to hire and train scribing staff. Reallocate resources to tasks more directly related to better patient care.
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Reduce administrative burden
Eliminate the pressure to hire and train scribing staff. This allows your practice to reallocate resources to tasks more directly related to better patient care.
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Increase accuracy and speed
More efficient documentation increases charting accuracy, improves billing speed, reduces denials, and can increase revenue.
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Stay HIPAA compliant
All documentation is completed accurately by a professional scribe during the encounter—in a manner that complies with HIPAA regulations.
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Boost productivity
Assigning documentation tasks to a virtual scribe reduces administrative workload and increases productivity for all your staff.


Features of Virtual Live Scribe

A patient meeting with their doctor virtually for a visit
Get started easily
Once in the exam room, the provider connects to the virtual scribe via Microsoft Teams using a phone, laptop, iPad, or desktop computer.
Two doctors meeting with a tablet in between them
Completely virtual scribing
A scribe in a different location joins the visit via Microsoft Teams, opens an encounter in the EHR, and then documents the encounter.
A doctor checking her female patient's heartbeat
Focus on care
The scribe documents the encounter in the EHR as the clinical visit takes place, freeing the physician to focus completely on patient care.
A doctor in the lab working on a computer
Review and sign off
A professional scribe completes all required documentation. The physician simply reviews the encounter in the EHR and signs off.
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