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Increase collections and reduce days in A/R with integrated PM

Your medical practice deserves to be paid fully for the services it provides. Practice management should incorporate tools to promote cash collections and minimize days in A/R—such as claims editing, streamlined workflow, easy patient pay, and financial analytics.

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Practice management solutions through a unified platform can make your claims process, revenue cycle, and patient satisfaction more efficient.
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Increase claims payments
Every year practices lose revenue by failing to collect total payment for services. Boost revenue from both third-party payers and patients with support from our technology—such as claims editing software, a rules engine, a cost-estimator, self-pay solutions, and more.
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Edit claims prior to creation
Clean claims help avoid denials. NextGen In-line Edits provides for automated edits and real-time edits of encounters prior to claim creation. You can quickly correct issues within the encounter, which helps to accelerate cash flow and reduce claim denials.
Faster payments via rules engine
Implement a rules engine that uses custom and specialty-specific rules along with automation to review and correct charge data before it enters the PM system—eliminating 75% of the tedium of charge review. This can help speed up collections.
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Follow up on denials
As part of A/R recovery, follow up on denials. If a high percentage of denials are related to the same error, look for a practice management solution with a rules engine that can be updated to avoid recurring denials.
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Make it easy for patients to pay
Our cost estimator makes it easier to identify the patient’s responsibility and collect payment upfront. Access to a patient portal and flexible, online payment options make it easier for patients to pay and speed up collections.
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Uncover denial trends with analytics
Advantages of NextGen Collections and A/R Management

Advantages of NextGen Collections and A/R Management

A doctor researching insurance providers to better know her payer pool
Know your payers
Understanding payer mix helps better manage collections. For example, Medicare commonly pays within 14 days, but worker’s compensation claims can take 45 to 90 days.
Use financial analytics
Financial analytics can help you understand your practice’s A/R trends and uncover underlying reasons for increases in days in A/R. Use analytics to make informed decisions.
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A nurse automating patient payments on a tablet
Automate and streamline
Your practice management system should enable you to automate key tasks and streamline workflow for patient billing, A/R management, collections, and reporting.
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A doctor smiling because they were able to meet collections deadlines
Meet deadlines
Payers have specific deadlines to submit claims—timely filing limits. If a claim is denied because you missed this deadline, you have no appeal rights.
A doctor working on a computer to correct denied claims
Appeal denials
Appealing denials is part of A/R recovery. For Medicare denials, you may resubmit the claim to CMS. Commercial insurers have an internal appeal process.
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A doctor walking her patient through setting up online payments on a tablet
Estimate patient pay
By the time the patient walks in the door, it’s critical to know how much they are responsible to pay. Implement a cost estimation tool.
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