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Accelerate Collections with Convenient Payment Options

Get paid faster with patient-friendly payment methods. NextGen Pay powered by InstaMed enables your practice to open more payment channels, collect funds more quickly, cut billing costs, and enhance the user experience for patients and staff.

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Wilmington Health Case Study
Wilmington Health Increases Collections and Eases Staff Burdens
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NextGen Healthcare offers services so you get the most out of technology.
Give patients what they want
Find out the latest healthcare consumer payment trends and the effects of the digital surge. These trends serve as a roadmap to provide a better payment experience with a high level of personalization, automation, and transparency.
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Benefits of NextGen Pay powered by InstaMed
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Automated payments
Collect payments as soon as a claim is adjudicated with the InstaMed Auto Payment Collect™ solution. Securely save payment details on file to automatically collect balances—no need to print a statement.
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Better payment experience
Offer a seamless payment experience where a payment can be collected before a virtual visit and added to daily batch processing. Configurable payment posting methods are also available.
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Simplified staff workflow
Eliminate slow and manual processes. Transactions can be posted into NextGen Enterprise in real time. View payment data in one place with robust reporting tools and insights.
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Secured payment process
Protect payments and ensure the protection of card-present data with P2PE. Safeguard stored payments with tokenization, keep cardholder data off your networks, and reduce PCI compliance costs.
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Improved patient experience
Leverage integration with NextGen PxP Portal, NextGen Virtual Visits, and NextGen Patient Engage to offer patients a more user-friendly payment experience.
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More payment channels
Capture revenue and speed up collection with flexible, automatic payment options and plans that include a guest pay (no login needed) option.

With the InstaMed Auto Payment Collect solution, more than 80% of our payment collections are automated, and that number is growing every day. The best part is that we are guaranteeing more revenue with fewer resources, in less time, and at a lower cost.

Joe Clark
CEO Sierra Pacific Orthopedics


Advantages of a patient-centric payment solution

Automated payment batching
Manage patient payments with NextGen Enterprise PM without disrupting workflow. Eliminate the manual process of entering payments into a batch in the practice management system.
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End-to-end processing
Simplify payment collection tasks. Increase revenue with less effort through an online solution that automatically posts to your practice management system and provides payment transaction reporting.
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Robust reporting and user-friendly tools
Manage, view, and collect payments all in one place. Your practice can consolidate payments, configure permissions by role, and switch to different reports instantly.
User-friendly tools
Use a single reporting dashboard to review payment analytics. A variety of standard and configurable reports are also available.

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