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An award-winning, integrated health IT platform helps reduce burnout and improve outcomes. Tailored clinical workflows and easy-to-use mobile dictation solutions optimize your care team’s experience—and increase professional satisfaction.

Put the Brakes on Burnout
Use this e-book to develop strategies that can help minimize burnout and safeguard the health of your providers and staff.
Meet your new AI ally, NextGen Ambient Assist

NextGen Ambient Assist transforms natural patient-provider conversations on mobile devices into temporary transcripts, generating structured SOAP notes. These notes are automatically placed in NextGen Mobile for provider review and editing before inclusion in the patient's NextGen Enterprise EHR chart. This revolutionary tool significantly reduces post-visit note completion time, as SOAP notes are generated instantly upon the visit's end and can be reviewed within seconds.

  • Generates a note with 90% accuracy, prior to review
  • Saves providers up to 2 hours a day
  • Frees providers to focus on patient relationships without distraction
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Tools to make your life easier

A patient check-up involving a doctor checking a patient's health with a stethoscope
Adaptive Content Engine
The Adaptive Content Engine (ACE) is the heart and soul of our EHR. It delivers tailored clinical workflows and includes numerous specialty-specific nuance—more than 2,000 clinical workflows in 30 specialties. Customize any workflow to make it your own.
A family undergoing a checkup with a doctor taking samples
Health quality measures
Meet regulatory, documentation, and compliance requirements with NextGen Health Quality Measures (HQM). Gather data you need for reporting and prove the value of the care you deliver. Combine with NextGen Adaptive Content Engine to tailor for local rules and needs.
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A doctor reading specialty specific content on her mobile device
Specialty-specific content
Take advantage of integrated content that aligns to your specialty workflow, and unique data capture and quality reporting needs. Quickly document the exam description, case management, and the treatment plan using previously saved specialty encounter defaults.
A provider managing their work log on a laptop
Worklog manager
Take advantage of a rules engine that automates tasks and operational support to quickly and completely close encounters. Coordinate the correct tasks to the appropriate clinical or administrative team to streamline their workday.
A doctor dictating a patient visit into a smartphone
Scribe services
Reduce the documentation burden for physicians to virtually zero. NextGen Healthcare offers two options for scribe support—remote scribe and virtual live scribe. With both services, all required documentation is completed accurately by a professional scribe and entered into the EHR.
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An integrated, customizable platform for providers
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Provide more flexibility
Integrated health IT and configurable workflows provide physicians and other providers with more flexibility. This is a big step for ensuring better care and higher staff retention.
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Make documentation easier
Documentation options with NextGen Mobile reduce the burden of manually entering data. Hands-free charting solutions free up your clinical team, making it possible to end the workday on time and eliminate after-hours charting.
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Expand collaboration with peers
Use integrated interoperability solutions to engage with more than one million caregivers nationwide. Access the largest provider directory in the United States with our open, vendor-neutral platform.
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Give providers more options
Virtual visits make schedules more manageable. The patient portal increases convenience for patients. NextGen Mobile offers options for charting away from the EHR. Digital documentation allows reportable data to be captured without internet or cell service.
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Communicate across platforms
Vendor-agnostic interoperability enables physicians to exchange patient information more easily. Better patient care is ensured by exchanging data efficiently with the medical community.
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Customize workflows to your needs
Get unique workflows for all major specialties and an unparalleled ability to customize clinical workflows. Build and create content for what matters most to your practice.
Hear what our clients have to say about us
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“Leveraging NextGen Healthcare’s fully integrated platform enables our practices to be as efficient as possible in putting information that is critical to patients’ health and well-being at the physician’s fingertips.”
Nicholas Glaser
Vice President, Ambulatory Services
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
"Really, I think it's just the relationships that you build with the people at NextGen that have helped us out the most.”
Rhiannon Maier
Director of Quality and Data
First Care Clinic
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“It’s not hyperbole to state that the NextGen Mobile implementation is the best EHR decision we have made in our clinic.”
Ryan Geiler
Advanced Clinical Applications and Analytics Coordinator
Community Medical Center
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