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Cut documentation time with NextGen Speech-to-text—automated medical transcription software

Flexible and cost-effective documentation with NextGen Speech-to-Text lets physicians and other providers focused on patients rather than the computer screen. Document with greater ease, decrease stress, and increase productivity with dictation with NextGen Mobile and voice-to-text technology.

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Features of NextGen Speech-to-Text

After identifying the patient in the NextGen Mobile app, the physician begins dictation into their smartphone and controls the process using the mobile screen.
Alleviate the stress associated with cumbersome administrative tasks that take time away from patient care
Quick text version
NextGen Speech-to-Text captures dictation and converts it to text. The text version of dictation appears almost immediately in the mobile device.
Save precious time with documentation on-the-go using speech to text.
Stored phrases
Macros—predefined, stored phrases that are used often in documentation—can be added to each provider profile for greater efficiency.
Benefit from EHR documentation assistance without the challenges or expense of employing an onsite scribe.
Topic tags
Tags appear on the mobile screen related to topics to be covered in the dictation; for example, history of illness, physical exam, and more.
Benefits of NextGen Speech-to-Text
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Spend less time charting
Physicians and other clinical providers spend fewer hours each month documenting care with Speech-to-Text compared to traditional documentation methods. Most often, charting can be completed by 6 pm, eliminating the need for after-hours charting.
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Easily integrate with your EHR
NextGen Speech-to-Text captures dictation and converts it to text. It integrates seamlessly with your EHR and makes it easier to capture clinical data. You can edit the text on your smartphone or send it to the EHR for editing.
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Relieve burnout
Excessive documentation burden has been linked to increased burnout in physicians and other clinical providers. NextGen Speech-to-Text lessens the burden of traditional documentation, thereby helping alleviate burnout. Spend less time charting, more time doing what you love.
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Increase productivity and profitability
More efficient documentation increases charting accuracy, improves billing sped, reduce denials, and can increase revenue.
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Stay HIPAA compliant
All four mobile dictation service options—NextGen Speech-to-Text, NextGen Transcription Services, NextGen Remote Scribe, and NextGen Virtual Live Scribe—are HIPAA compliant.
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Boost productivity
A simplified documentation process increases productivity for all your staff.
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Our providers no longer spend time after hours to finish charts. We also see an increase in visits, happier providers, and quicker month-end closing. It's not hyperbole to state that the NextGen Mobile implementation is the best EHR decision we have made in our clinic.

Ryan Geiler
Advanced Clinical Applications and Analytics Coordinator Community Medical Center


Make the switch to NextGen Healthcare
Make the switch to NextGen Healthcare