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Elevate your practice’s health IT with managed cloud services

Provided in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, cloud hosting reduces data security risks and supports business agility by easily adjusting according to your organization’s needs. It allows your IT staff to maintain control over your practice’s data and systems.

Danger ahead: 5 technology challenges
How to anticipate and address 5 technology challenges that confront medical practices. Ensure your practice’s survival and growth.
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Experience the benefits of NextGen Managed Cloud Services
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Access greater resources
Get access to a data center, servers, data backups, storage, disaster recovery services, multiple data bases (production, report, test, demo, and development databases) as well as Microsoft licenses covering the operating system, remote desktop services, and server query language (SQL).
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Experience less downtime
Service level agreements warrant availability and response time of cloud hosting services, as well as disaster recovery capabilities. Software tools watch for potential problems, such as exceeding processing or memory storage limits, so repairs can be performed before problems occur.
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Keep control
Your practice’s IT staff maintains full access to your data and appropriate systems level access. They can also leverage extensive IT talent and resources from NextGen Healthcare.
Regular EHR technology updates are critical.
Make formulary updates easier
Because of the size of formulary files, updating them is a painstaking process when using self-hosted software. NextGen Managed Cloud Hosting can eliminate many of the hassles involved with formulary updates.
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Reduce risk
We go to extraordinary lengths to make your data as secure as possible—(1) third-party certification with the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST), (2) collaboration with Amazon Web Services, a platform built to meet requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.
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Stay agile
Pay a fixed amount per user per month. If your business grows or shrinks, you can add or remove users easily—just request the change. Costs are adjusted accordingly.


Advantages of NextGen Managed Cloud Services

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Access to support
Get a simple, easy, customer-service solution for addressing performance issues: We give you one phone number to call to get your problems solved.
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Auditor reports
Operations of the cloud hosting service are audited by third parties; the results of these audits are published in a report your practice can use to verify adherence to privacy and security standards.
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Better control of costs
Reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Make the cost of operating your data center more predictable. To show you how much you can save, we'll provide a return-on-investment calculator that quantifies potential savings for your practice.
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Easier upgrades
NextGen Managed Cloud Services implements, updates, and upgrades NextGen software on your behalf. This makes upgrading to a new version of NextGen Enterprise much easier and less time-consuming.
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Fewer headaches
Managed cloud services reduce stress of keeping pace with technological change. By taking advantage of our resources, your practice can focus on providing quality care. Experience less IT-related anxiety and aggravation.
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More predictable expenditures
Cost per user is fixed for the term of your contract. If software updates require a substantial increase in server and processing capacity—you'll still pay the same per-user cost.
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NextGen Population Health
When your practice implements NextGen Managed Cloud Services, it enables access to NextGen Population Health. Transform your practice data into actionable insights and thrive in the transition from fee for service to value-based care.
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“We received great support from NextGen Managed Cloud Services, we received great value for our money. I feel like being hosted is one of the greatest things.”
Brandon Brosi
IT Support Specialist
Preferred Family Healthcare
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“It was amazing how pleased providers were when we switched to NextGen Managed Cloud Services for hosting. They’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so quick.’ Well, yeah, it is.”
Cristy Hewitt, RN
Director of Operations
Vision Care of Maine
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“In the time we’ve been hosted, I am not aware of one instance where we were not able to access our information as a result of service being down. We just don’t even think about it.”
Rob Gregory
Vice President of Operations
Karing Hearts Cardiology
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