Reduce documentation burden to virtually zero

Break free from the EHR with the help of a remote scribe who documents care in the EHR as instructed by the physician. NextGen Remote Scribe Services keeps clinical encounters focused on the patient—not the computer screen.

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Benefits of NextGen Remote Scribe Services
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Freedom from the EHR
Reduce charting time to virtually zero. This means freedom from the EHR and no more after-hours charting. All required documentation is completed accurately by a remote scribe.
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Improve physician satisfaction
Less charting time means more time for patients. More time for care results in better outcomes for patients and happier physicians.
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Reduce administrative burden
Eliminate the pressure to hire and train scribing staff. This allows your practice to reallocate resources to tasks more directly related to better patient care.
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Increase charting accuracy
More efficient documentation increases charting accuracy, improves billing speed, reduces denials, and can increase revenue.
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Stay HIPAA compliant
The remote scribe uses a fully HIPAA-compliant process to listen to the dictation recording and document the encounter.
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Boost productivity
Assigning documentation tasks to a remote scribe reduces administrative workload and increases productivity for all your staff.
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Features of NextGen Remote Scribe Services

Mobile dictation
The physician begins by dictating an encounter into their using the NextGen Mobile app.
Full documentation support
The dictation recording is sent to a scribe in a remote location who listens to it and documents text and discrete data in the EHR.
Review and sign off
Working from a remote location, the scribe finalizes documentation and generates the note. The physician reviews the note and signs off in the EHR.

A lot of the burnout rate is because of electronic medical records and the need to be glued to your computer. I think NextGen Remote Scribe is absolutely the only solution at this point.

Darryn Band, MD
Physician and Partner Capital Women’s Care

The results speak for themselves

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"NextGen Mobile has been one of the best things we did this year. Our providers love it, especially our on-call specialists and on-call providers."
Charles Van Duyne, MD
USMD Health Systems
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
"NextGen Mobile is just a fantastic tool for us, for the physicians and APCs to use. It really does help us to see patients quickly, efficiently, and effectively in many different settings."
Brian Heimer, MD
Medical Director of Virtual and Digital Health
American Health Network, Optum
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
"Outside the office, NextGen Mobile is helpful to access patient records and get questions answered when time is of the essence."
Shannan Brown, DO
Doctor of Optometry
Michiana Eye Center
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