Interoperability as a service, with Mirth Cloud Connect

Connect and process your data in real time with a fully managed and cloud-native interoperability integration service platform.

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Transform Patient Care with Intelligent Data Aggregation and Insights
Learn how to achieve optimal data aggregation in this concise, yet powerful e-book.
Built on Mirth Connect, hosted in the cloud, managed by us.
Experience the benefits of a cloud-native solution, fully managed by a team of interoperability experts.
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Build to scale
Elastic computing offers seamless scalability, automatically adjusting to accommodate your workflow requirements. It ensures dependable uptime and data durability, guaranteeing data integrity. Additionally, it delivers low-latency performance and high throughput for optimized operations.
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Get to production faster
You can access integration development on-demand, enabling rapid connectivity solutions. Leverage a comprehensive library of pre-built connectors to expedite implementation timelines. This allows you to effortlessly exchange data in any desired format, enhancing interoperability.
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Peace of mind
Enjoy hassle-free integration monitoring and support provided by expert human operators. Receive automatic system notifications tailored to your predefined thresholds. Benefit from round-the-clock, 24x7x365 support staffed by professionals with extensive interoperability experience.
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Interoperability powers every healthcare organization
In a world where data is at the heart of every business, being able to move that data from system to system is a necessity. Mirth interoperability solutions are built with healthcare data in mind.
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Connectivity without compromise
Unlock value faster for your business, without the headache of doing it yourself.
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Seamless system communication
Send and receive data from anywhere. Mirth Cloud Connect supports all the same interoperability standards as Mirth Connect, including FHIR, HL7 v2/3, IHE, DICOM, and X12.
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Integrated data sources
Depend on a team of experts who are familiar with interoperability standards. Our services include end-to-end interface planning, design, and product coordination; maintenance, monitoring, and support; deployment, go-live, and updates; cloud-hosting and scaling.
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Resource reallocation
Our interoperability on-demand service allows your team to focus on driving new growth for your business. We handle your integration work from planning to implementation to production support—no more day-to-day IT maintenance necessary.
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24×7×365 Support
Our teams and the platform itself will be monitoring your interfaces 24x7x365. Mirth Cloud Connect support team members will be evaluating all errors that the system is unable to process and work with you to get to a successful outcome.
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A serverless experience
Mirth Cloud Connect leverages multiple availability zones to provide high-availability services and cutting-edge data recoverability. Utilizing multiple availability zones, the service has a highly available infrastructure with disaster recovery.
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Built-in HIPAA compliance
Gain the peace of mind of fully encrypted data to protect the privacy of your patient population—and never have to worry about staying up to date with regulatory changes.


Achieve more with integration-as-a-service

Self-managing integrations comes at a significant cost to your business. Reduce your total cost of ownership with Mirth Cloud Connect.

  • Offload your integration support and maintenance efforts to our experts, who have spent thousands of hours delivering on interoperability success in the cloud, on-premise, and everywhere in between.
  • Decrease downtime and business disruption with deployments across multiple availability zones and a guaranteed uptime SLA that protects the workflows most critical to your business.
  • Eliminate the operational burdens of self-managing your own integrations and avoid costly and unpredictable implementations. Our predictable, flat-rate pricing charges you based on implementation complexity-- not time and materials.

  • By consolidating expenses on server infrastructure, databases, and other integration tools, you can decrease your organization’s interoperability cost. With a pricing model that is not tied to computing resources, your enterprise will not have to pay more as you process more data.

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The Fundamental Building Blocks of Interoperability
Take a deep dive into Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare. Explore strategies and solutions to help you centralize health data and provide clear, secure, and open communication across disparate systems and locations.

What a fully managed service can do for you

Deployed in over 30 countries, Mirth Connect is the leading open-source healthcare integration engine worldwide. However, managing your own deployment in-house can mean constant oversight of workflows and infrastructure. Mirth Cloud Connect, built on the Mirth Connect foundation, removes that burden.

Benefits for your organization DIY Cloud Connect
Serverless deployment - Automated, fully managed cloud deployment with clustering and failover x
Elastic resource scaling - Compute and store according to your demands x
High availability - Guaranteed uptime SLA with disaster recovery tooling x
Pre-built solutions - For most common integrations/vendors x
Automatic version upgrades - Always keep your system on the latest version of Mirth Connect x
Comprehensive interface monitoring - Combination of automated and real-human review x
Robust analytics dashboard - Review the success & performance of your interfaces anytime x
Integration on-demand - Hands-on development and project management expertise whenever you need it -
24x7x365 support - Interoperability experts on standby to make sure your interfaces stay up and running -

We leveraged Mirth Connect to centralize data generated from breast cancer screenings and provide clear and open communication between the healthcare actors(organizations). We are the single point of contact for facilitating interoperability efforts.

Géraldine Vidou
Services Manager, Interoperability and Development LUXITH G.I.E.
See the benefits of interoperability on-demand