Elevate your organization with managed services

Managed services optimization packages streamline operations, enhance patient care, and ensure the efficient utilization of EHR and practice management systems. These packages are comprehensive service offerings designed to maximize the benefits derived from your healthcare technology.

Make system upgrades a breeze
Upgrade services help practices stay current with the latest advancements in their software and systems. These services offer expertise, project management, cost predictability, and knowledge transfer to ensure successful upgrades and that healthcare providers can deliver care without interruption.
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Learn to optimize your technology
Application services are essential for optimizing technology investments, improving patient care, and staying current with industry best practices. These services include access to NextGen Healthcare best practices, expert application support, product usage assessment and streamlining, and template review and customization.
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Monitor and ensure ideal operations
Proactive environment analysis for practices is a vital aspect of ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of healthcare IT systems. This approach involves test and production environment oversight, a root cause focus, and monthly testing and reporting for alignment compliance.
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Fully equip employees
Technology training services harness the full potential of your NextGen Healthcare investments. A well-designed training program, including complete end-user training, delta feature training, customized eLearning syllabi, ongoing touch points, and training roadmaps, can be a strategic asset for practices.
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Advantages of NextGen Managed Services

Streamlined operations
Managed services optimization packages are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each healthcare organization. Service providers work closely with the organization to configure and customize the EHR system to align with their clinical and administrative processes.
Cost control
Managed services optimization packages are designed to control costs by preventing expensive system downtime, minimizing inefficiencies, and reducing the need for additional IT resources.
Data management & security
Rest assured with comprehensive data backup, recovery plans, and security enhancements built to protect sensitive patient information from breaches and data loss.
Full EHR & PM utilization
Regular software updates and upgrades ensure the organization is always using the latest and most secure version of NextGen’s software. Optimization packages include periodic performance assessments and adjustments to maintain optimal system speed and responsiveness.
As healthcare organizations grow or change, their EHR needs may evolve. Managed services packages are scalable to accommodate changing requirements, ensuring that the EHR system remains aligned with organizational objectives.
User training and support
Employees receive a comprehensive training program that utilizes Delta feature training, customized eLearning syllabi, roadmaps, and ongoing training touchpoints to maintain staff skill levels.

The results speak for themselves

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