Dictate clinical narratives directly into the EHR

Just dictate an encounter into your cell phone—information is directly entered into designated text-based fields in the EHR. Cut time spent documenting care significantly. Reduce or eliminate the need for after-hours charting.

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Benefits of NextGen Direct-to-Desktop Services
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The physician simply points their mouse to any text entry box in the EHR and dictates the clinical narrative into their cell phone.
Seamless mobile-desktop hybrid
NextGen Direct-to-Desktop supports a seamless, hybrid mobile-and-desktop documentation workflow.
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Faster and more accurate
Dictation increases both speed and accuracy compared to typing.
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Easy set-up
Getting started is easy. You can connect NextGen Speech-to-Text to your PC wirelessly with a few simple clicks. Set up for new users is quick. Little training is needed to get physicians up to speed.
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Efficient information entry
Predefined, stored phrases—called macros—can be added to each provider profile for greater efficiency. For example, the physician can say “insert normal physical exam,” and predefined text is entered into the EHR.
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Cut documentation time
NextGen Direct-to-Desktop allows physicians to cut this time significantly and increase focus on care delivery. It can reduce or eliminate the need for after-hours charting.

Features of NextGen Direct-to-Desktop Services

Voice powered
Your cell phone acts as a wireless microphone, allowing you to use your voice to enter information into all text-based fields in the EHR.
Voice-to-text tech
Automatic voice-to-text technology captures dictation and converts it to text, which immediately appears in designated field in the EHR.
Uninterrupted dictation
Providers can navigate NextGen Enterprise while they dictate their notes. Dictation won’t be interrupted regardless of where they click in the EHR.
NextGen Direct-to-Desktop is compatible with all EHR Templates that include options for text-based entry of clinical information.

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