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Boost your online reputation and improve patient satisfaction

What patients say on social media will either help or hurt your practice. Clinect Measure enables staff to send patients surveys automatically after visits. This helps alert staff to potential concerns and proactively mitigates them before escalation.

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Benefits of efficient online reputation management
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Improved patient satisfaction
With timely access to patient sentiment coupled with action, your practice can help manage your online reputation effectively.
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Stronger online presence
Online reviews help increase your rank in local organic search results.
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Optimized patient acquisition
Positive reviews and satisfaction data attract new patients and strengthen your referral network.
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Increased operational insight
Encounter metrics help uncover opportunities to improve workflow and staff performance.
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Patient sentiment transparency
User-friendly administrative tools enable you to monitor and respond to patient feedback posted online effectively.
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Secured documentation
This HIPAA-secured solution helps ensure safe and secure online reputation management activities.


Advantages of a Clinect Healthcare partnership

Standard survey library
Access specialty measure and industry-recognized metrics, such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
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Multi-lingual option survey
Administer surveys in any Latin-based language (based on the patient’s preferred language noted within NextGen Healthcare).
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Rules engine
Leverage an AI engine that supports rules-based logic at the provider and/or practice level.
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Automation of patient satisfaction surveys
Allow patients to take surveys on their own time and not require them to give feedback while in the office.
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The results speak for themselves

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