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Leverage an internal medicine EHR that provides a better user experience

Support the expertise of your internal medicine providers with the performance of an award-winning and CURES-certified EHR platform. Use mobile and practice management tools to minimize tedious administrative tasks, help increase revenue, and ensure quality throughout the patient’s journey.

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Patients will notice a difference

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Before the visit
As patients schedule appointments online, you can send them reminders to reduce wait times.
Patient Experience
A patient checking in with a nurse for an internal medicine visit
Securely transfer completed physical exam forms to the patient record and save staff time.
Patient Experience
A doctor discussing internal medicine treatment options with a patient
During the visit
Document the visit and complete documentation by your next encounter.
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A doctor reviewing patient data on a tablet
Use your smartphone to view your schedule and clinical data between visits.
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Move forward in your style of care delivery while a single health IT partner meets all your specialty EHR needs.
After the visit
Securely send educational materials, lab results, and payment options to patients.
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Benefits of an award-winning EHR platform
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Automatic insurance eligibility check
Automate internal medicine billing, statements, and claims to allow your staff to focus more on patient care.
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Seamless interoperability
Quickly connect with colleagues, patients, urgent care facilities, hospitals, and non-NextGen Healthcare systems.

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Hands-free EHR
Streamline clinical documentation and collaboration with a user-friendly cloud-based platform that integrates with most EHRs.
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Improved patient engagement
Inspire patients to take control of their health journey with virtual visits, secure messaging, and online scheduling, improving satisfaction.
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Stabilized revenue
Collect every dollar you earn and maximize financial performance with revenue cycle automation that captures revenue at the lowest cost.
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Assistance and resources
The internal medicine group of the Success Community is your destination for solution support and educational resources.
Move forward in your style of care delivery while a single health IT partner meets all your specialty EHR needs.
Integrated health IT for internal medicine
Deliver the flexibility and efficiency providers need and the convenience and communication patients expect with one integrated platform.
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Manage complex care with an internal medicine EHR.
Why you need a patient pay strategy
Develop a strategy to optimize payments and get the most out of your last chance to collect.
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With the NextGen Healthcare cloud hosting team, we have a more collaborative partnership. We're able to find solutions to our needs that don't create complications or problems with reliability, functionality, or performance issues.

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Chief Information Officer Valley Care IPA
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