Mission Statement

Rising phoenix-like from the ashes of all that came before it, bpmnextgen.com provides a new, future-focused forum for Business Process Management (BPM) Practitioners to find practical answers to key questions that the evolution of BPM continues to produce on their path to achieving BPM excellence. The concept of a “Business Process” is an eternal one, even though the names used to describe the methodologies and techniques for managing it are more ephemeral, falling into and out of favor with almost predictable regularity. As with the core concept, it is the discipline of BPM that can be more durably defined, providing a framing of the things to know, to learn, to do, and to build:

“A discipline involving any combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.”

At bpmnextgen.com, the landscape of what’s to come for BPM (as defined above) is described so as to prepare Practitioners to better enable them to embrace the rigor that is always needed to do BPM “right” and to empower these aspirants to do more impactful work for the betterment of businesses.

The mission of bpmnextgen.com is realized through highly focused offerings for site visitors and registrants:

  • Timely discussions of emerging BPM issues in podcasts, posted works from thought-leaders, and topical webinars and whitepapers from leading analysts and vendors in the BPM space;
  • Training and education delivered in affordable and digestible online courses covering:
    • Core BPM concepts, from traditional BPM to case management and beyond, to level-set Practitioners on knowledge of the discipline needed to support various certifications;
    • Integrated usage of modeling languages (DMN for decisions, CMMN for cases, and BPMN for processes), known as BPM+, needed to support BPM+ certifications;
  • Fostering of BPM Practitioner communities through access to content from this and related sites (similarly interested in fostering excellence in doing the work of BPM), and holding conferences.

Guiding this site will be a Board of Luminaries that provide content as well as strategic thinking about the evolution of BPM and how that will affect what BPM Practitioners do and how they do it.