The Science of Emotional Intelligence

Understanding emotional intelligence of the people in an organization is an important part of gaining an understanding of the processes within that company. Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland from APQC talks with Bill Benjamin, partner at the Institute for Health and Human Potential and a keynote speaker at APQC Process and Knowledge Management Conference. We're going to talk about the science of emotional intelligence and how BPM teams can leverage it for success in their work.


Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland:
Another thing that makes a lot of sense that the stuff we see with BPM teams is, affecting how people execute the work, their sense of well-being, their place in the company. And those technical skills are trainable, right? They're very much easier to absorb. But understanding things like emotional intelligence, change, management skills and all those kind of things that fit together that really help you then empathize and lead people along so that something that's happening with them rather than to them.

Bill Benjamin:
Yeah, and that's what I struggled with early on. So I was a high performing individual contributor and of course they promoted me. And the thing I struggled with was the people side of it. I actually wasn't a very good leader. People didn't really like working for me. So that was the part that I had to recognize that what I needed to learn and work on was my emotional intelligence. And we're not saying, Don't keep up on your technical skills. Of course you need to so attend the technical skill sessions at the APQC conference, and you also need to work on your emotional intelligence.

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland:
So, given all of this, how does EIQ help team leaders drive, change and improve

APQC's 2022 Process and Knowledge Management Conference

APQC's 2022 Process and Knowledge Management Conference

These past couple of years have forced organizations to act and react faster than ever before. Process, performance, and knowledge management teams are finding and taking advantage of a new camaraderie that has flourished during these times of chaos, creating for an open and collaborative discourse between peers.

APQC’s 2022 Conference, Building the Roadmap Together, addresses these newly formed partnerships and will look at ways in which these teams can expedite improvements and provide holistic solutions for the organization.

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