3 Elements that will Help You Automate your Entire Organization.

Three Ideas

When we think about BPM and BPM platforms, we often think about the changes that they will bring to the organization. How challenging it will be, and how to tackle each stage to be successful.

This can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. And even if management is all on board with the changes and bringing in new software and processes, you might still have trouble getting the rest of the team members on board. People are reluctant to change, especially when they bring disciplines and programs that they aren’t familiar with.

In this post, we will cover three elements that, in my experience, helped implement BPM solutions across my organization. The combination of these items will ensure the success of any digital transformation plans and boost the productivity of the entire company.

Cloud Software

The use of cloud-hosted software has proven to be the future of any company. The use of all the Google Suite, smoothly integrated with one and another, has shown everybody how powerful cloud management can be.

In this way, Cloud BPM suites have evolved and turned into powerful allies for any organization or business department. They allow the automation of simple processes that are highly used across the company, but also, if you choose a powerful enough tool, they support large and complex processes. This means that you can solve the entire automation of the company without installing software on-premise. Simply by opening a browser tab and logging into the BPM platform, you could access tasks, processes, forms, and data.

Imagine getting rid of endless chains of emails, spreadsheets, or even Whatsapp text. This will clearly be appealing for any team member. Getting them on board with these types of changes across the whole company will be easier if the platform that you choose is easy to access, and even more so if it is easy to use.

Which brings us to the next point.

Low-code/No-code technology

Having a program that people can use without any technical knowledge is key for the success of the digital transformation efforts and process automation plan. Most of the time we try to implement changes that are too complex for anyone to understand. We keep saying that it will make their jobs easier but, how could it be if they don’t even know how to use the platform?

Having software that is easy to use is a crucial part of getting everyone on the same page. It allows you to understand what is going on with just a glance. Imagine having the ability to model a complete cloud workflow without any coding or any technical knowledge. This will give independence to the head of each department to manage and optimize their own processes.

Going step by step

All aside from the BPM software you use and its features, what is more important, is to have an organized plan for digital transformation and process automation. Doing it all at once is something prone to making several mistakes, and puts in jeopardy the success of the digital transformation of the whole organization.

Is not only important for management to have a clear understanding of how the digital transformation will go, but for the people that are a big part of the company is equally important too. Spending the time necessary to make clear to the head of the departments how things will go from now on, how the BPM software works, and any other details that are considered relevant.

Final thoughts…

Gartner predicts that by 2024, organizations will reduce operating costs by 30% by combining hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational processes. This means that the BPM discipline will be your best ally and a real competitive advantage in the near future.

Combining the three elements we discussed in this article will help you ensure that your digital transformation roadmap is completed. Moreover, it will help retain the best talent of the organization due to the improvements at the company. It will also help you give better customer service, responding in time, and ensuring the best quality. Finally, this means improving the overall performance of your organization.

Sofia Saegaert
Sofia SaegaertHead of Marketing at Integradoc & Flokzu.

I'm an enthusiast about learning and improving at my work, and I want to teach others how to take advantage of new possibilities! As a communications and marketing manager, I appreciate having part of my work automated and smooth the processes as much as possible. I would love to share this knowledge and encourage other people to learn.

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The combination of these items will ensure the success of any digital transformation plans and boost the productivity of the entire company.