BPM Next Gen Article Submission Guidelines

BPMNextGen.com is inviting qualified individuals to submit articles of interest for publication. These articles should be of general interest to the Business Process Management community and increase overall knowledge or best-practices within the industry. These are not “advertorials.” The main goal of these articles is not to promote a product, but to share an idea, a process, a solution, or a challenge. Allowance is made for linking to products or company websites.

With these goals in mind, articles should:

  1. Be between 600 – 800 words in length. Contributors may also serialize their submissions, breaking their piece down into 2 – 4 articles to be published in concurrent weeks.
  2. Contributors are encouraged to submit or suggest graphics to be used in the article. BPMNextGen.com reserves the right to use, place, or restrict the use of any images.
  3. External links in each article will appear as follows:
    1. The article itself can contain up to two links to an outside source. No paragraph may have more than one link. All links must be relevant to the article and may link to a company or product page.
    2. The article will end with a biography section of the author. In that area may be links to products, a twitter account, or other internet sources.
  4. Articles must address a problem and/or provide best practices to solutions. While we understand that contributors will tend to highlight their own products as the solution for a problem, we would rather the article’s stress be less on the product itself and more on how the problem was hurting the business and the solutions provided.
  5. Articles may contain bolding and italics, but no underlining (as that denotes a hyperlink). While we will endeavor to respect the contributors use of these highlighting tools, BPMNextGen.com reserves the right to restrict their use for readability.
  6. All articles will be published using the default font and style of the website.
  7. Articles must use either American or UK spelling or words and be grammatically correct.
  8. Contributors are also asked to provide a synopsis of the article that is no longer than 160 characters. This synopsis will help Google and other search engines better index the article.
  9. Articles should not be “keyword packed.” Contributions should be written for a human reader, not for Google or any other search engine. BPMNextGen.com reserves the right to reject any article that is keyword stuffed.
  10. We encourage the use of headings throughout the article to break the piece into logical units. This practice helps readability, as well as indexing.
  11. Contributors are also asked to provide both short and long-tailed keyword suggestions for the article. BPMNextGen.com reserves the right to use, restrict, or add keywords.

BPMNextGen.com understands the time needed to produce relevant content. In exchange for this content, BPMNextGen.com will provide the following:

  • Promotion of the article across social media platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Promotion of the article using direct email.

Author’s Rights

Authors are granting to BPMNextGen.com a nonexclusive license to publish their articles on the BPMNextGen.com website. The Author retains all rights to the article including:

  • Review before publishing if desired
  • Promotion of article
  • Linking to article from other sites

BPMNextGen.com retains the following rights:

  • Promotion of article through social media, email, or other avenues
  • Right to place banner ads on top of the page and in side bars. No ads will be placed in the article itself
  • The ability to format the article to confirm with the site’s structure and font
  • The ability to delete the article from the site